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EMF Protection Devices FAQ

Is There Any Way of Protecting Myself Against EMF Radiation?

Shungite can provide some protection from EMF by absorbing energy, but this protection will only work until the material is “full” — at which point it will need cleansing. It does not change in appearance when saturated, so there’s a chance no protection is being offered. Some shungite is radioactive — not to a high degree, but wearing it for long durations is not advisable.

EMF is also blocked by metal (if you were to surround yourself with tinfoil you would have a basic Faraday cage, although you could not use your cell phone or radio). Of course, this is very impractical. Many people prefer to create a harmonising field that balances out the EMF, so it no longer stresses the body. This is the solution we offer with our products. Besides harmonisation, they also serve to “earth” the energy of a space or a person, which is very empowering.

How Do I Know What EMF Protection Products are Right for Me?

Most of us spend a lot of time on the go, whether it’s for running errands, going to work, heading to the gym or the supermarket, or travelling. This means that we are constantly changing our environment and, as a result, continually exposing ourselves to new and unknown sources of EMF.

For this reason, EMF protection jewellery provides an excellent starting-point on your journey to safer, healthier, and happier living. We need to feel sure that we are able to arm ourselves at all times — no matter where we are, or what we are doing — and there is no safer, and no more effective protective pendant than the Nu-Me protective pendant. Once you can feel confident that you body is protected, you will be in a good place to focus on spaces within your home, workplace and vehicle in order to achieve a healthier, and more harmonious lifestyle.

What EMF Protection Products are Available?

It’s important that you are able to give yourself, your children, and your pets the best level of protection against EMF — and in a way that is as convenient as possible. For this reason, we have EMF protection jewellery to wear like the Nu-Me Skinny Range of EMF pendants, or the child-friendly Snappy and Natty EMF pendant.

We have EMF protection products to carry like the Ki-Bal and Chi-Shell, as well as the Blockit Pockit, which prevents radiation from your cell phone from entering your body, as well as the renowned RadiSafe. There are also EMF protection devices designed for your home, workplace, or vehicle — and all within that space — such as our new, ultra-powerful POWER P.e.bal. Our energy protection products also support your immune system. The scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies embedded in our products offer an extra boost for your protection and wellbeing.

Have any EMF protection products been scientifically tested?

The technology we use lends itself to being tested with cutting edge biofeedback testing devices. In a 2009 study, PIP scans demonstrated positive results in 19 out of the 20 participants who were using our EMF protection products. Read more about testing here. Similarly, Our cell phone radiation protection, RadiSafe, has been extensively tested. See this here. Or, if you have access to one of our EMF protection products you can do a simple kinesiology test to show how it strengthens your body.

The ultimate test is, of course, undertaken by our valued customers who have shared their feedback on how our products have worked for them. Read-up on other customers’ first-hand experiences of protecting themselves against the risks. We also offer a ‘no strings attached’ 30-day return policy, which means that you will have plenty of time to test our EMF protection products, and feel the results for yourself.

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EMF Protection from Life Energy Solutions

We here at Life Energy Designs use a unique technology in our products which offers the best EMF protection, keeping you calm and balanced, and supporting your immune system. We have been in the EMF protection business for fifteen years, and develop our EMF protection products using the scientific research of Wilhelm Reich.

With the proliferation of 5G, we are more dedicated than ever to educating the public on the risks of EMF, as well as developing and strengthening our EMF protection devices to ensure that you, your children, and your pets are kept safe from harm. Wanting to protect yourself against EMF does not mean that you need to line the walls with tinfoil; life can go on as usual, so long as the proper precautions are taken.

If you are ready to make your life safer and healthier, then you will need to consider electromagnetic field protection from phones, domestic appliances, power tools — even your cars. They all radiate EMF and impact your health and well-being. Our electromagnetic field protection products provide shielding and keep you calm, stress-free, healthy, and sleeping better. Whether you are looking for an EMF blocker pendant, other EMF protection jewellery, cell phone radiation protection, or other EMF protection devices, we have you covered.

At Life Energy, we have a fantastic array of EMF protection products, including EMF protection jewellery to suit every pocket, situation, and personality. We want you to try any of our EMF protection devices with complete confidence, which is why we have a comprehensive 30-day, money-back, no-quibble guarantee so that you can try them for yourself.

New Nikola Tesla-Based Technology

After nine years of development and testing, we are excited to introduce our scalar energy de-stress and healing product — the Quantum Scalar Box, or QSB. Find out what it is and what it can do here.

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